Reviews – Furbidden Fatality

Review from Carstairs Considers:  “This is author Deborah Blake’s first cozy mystery, but this isn’t her first novel.  That experience shows in the pacing, the characters – everything, really.  It’s easy to get pulled into this story and hard to put it down when the time comes.”

Fresh Fiction: “FURBIDDEN FATALITY is Deborah Blake’s fun, animal-centric cozy that kicks off the Catskills Pet Rescue series. There’s just something about books that have animals in them that leave you with the warm fuzzies, especially when it’s centered around shelter animals. Made me wish I could run out and rescue two or three before I had even finished the book. Blake does a great job of building up the who-done-it suspense.”

Cozy up with Kathy: “Animal rescues are a vital part of this world and I’m delighted to have a mystery series that shows the hard work and determination necessary to provide a decent quality of life and a chance for a home of their own for all animals while also providing a great mystery to read!
FURBIDDEN FATALITY with its tenacious characters, lovable animals, and captivating mystery is a fantastic start to a new series.”