The Everyday Witch’s Coven: Rituals for Magic for Two or More


Everyday Witch's Coven (004)

The Everyday Witch’s Coven: Rituals for Magic for Two or More

by Deborah Blake. © 2023 Llewellyn

Whether your coven consists of two or twenty, whether you want to gather on a regular basis or just occasionally, this book has rituals, spells, and advice needed to practice your Witchcraft with others. Deborah Blake draws on nearly twenty years of experience leading a coven, sharing extensive wisdom she’s gained from her experiences and fellow practitioners. This book is a valuable resource for traditional Wiccans and eclectic witches looking for a modern, free-form approach to group activities.

The Everyday Witch’s Coven helps you decide who to invite, where to meet, which deities to worship, and how to solve problems together. You’ll explore ritual basics and etiquette, group sabbat celebrations, full moon rituals, craft projects, magic for specific goals, and more. Deborah provides everything needed to find or create the coven that’s best for you.

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