Witch Ever Way You Can


51LNjSdbqyLWitch Ever Way You Can
by Deborah Blake. © 2011

A modern Witch accidentally becomes the reluctant guardian for an ancient mystical crystal. With the aid of a handsome actor and a mysterious spiritual guide, she uses magic, ingenuity and determination to fight a deranged billionaire for possession of the Star Stone and its power.

Best-selling author and a practicing witch Deirdre Connelly’s life is suddenly turned upside down when she finds herself with a powerful magical talisman inside her, a deranged billionaire after her, and a gorgeous actor she’d love to have on top of her.

Stewart Tyler makes Deirdre an irresistible offer: in exchange for working a simple bit of magic, she gets dinner with Robert Daniel Addison, the TV actor who’s starred in her daydreams for years. It seems like a harmless request, but the treasure her magic reveals, the otherworldly Star Stone, ends up permanently inside her instead of in the hands of the man who feels entitled to it.

Now she and Rob are unwilling guests at Tyler’s isolated Montana ranch and Deirdre must find a way to return the Stone. Or Tyler will take it back by force—over her dead body, if necessary. She must master the powers of the Star Stone before it masters her, driving her insane or bringing harm to those around her. Even the help of an unexpected spiritual guide, the Anasazi warrior who last carried the Stone, may not give her the answers to the crystal’s long-lost secrets before it’s too late. Deirdre and Rob’s feelings for each other grow despite the magic and mayhem, but it hard to make a move on a guy when you keep setting him on fire. In the end, Deirdre must choose between fighting a battle she may not win and putting her trust in the magical stone that will leave her life forever changed.

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